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CycloHex is a beautiful set of hexagonally-nested rings with 228 RGB LEDs, six touch pads, and mounting pads for an Adafruit QT Py SAMD21.

I have RGB LEDs in just about every form they come: strips, strings, rings, discs, etc. I constantly seek new and novel forms.

The WS2812C-2020 each only consume a maximum of 15mA, and that’s at 100% brightness, solid white color. That’s 3.42A for all 228 combined. They are incredibly bright, and I usually only run them at about 25% brightness.

It has solder pads on the back that match the pinout of the QT Py by Adafruit, or XIAO by Seeed. It can be used by any microcontroller via the 5V, GND, and Data In pins. It also has a Data Out pad, for connecting more LEDs on the same data pin.

The six mounting holes are surrounded by capacitive touch compatible pads. They’re connected to the A0-A3, A6 & A7 pads/pins on the QT Py footprint. The SAMD21 QT Py supports capacitive touch on these pins. Most other QT Py / XIAO boards, such as the RP2040, do not support capacitive touch.


  • Size: 2.96 x 2.73 x .063 inch (75mm x 70mm x 1.6 mm)
  • 2 layer printed circuit board
  • FR4 substrate
  • Black SMOBC (solder mask over bare copper)
  • HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling)
  • Designed and assembled in the US by Evil Genius Labs


Open source example firmware and web application: