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A collection of laser engraved, 4 inch slate tile microchip coasters.

More info on Twitter:

Full credit for the idea on Twitter:

Some source vector and image files:

I have a Flux3D Beamo 30W CO2 laser. I use the metal engraving preset (50% power, 80mm/s speed).

A light coat of mineral oil before engraving makes them shiny, if that’s the look you want.

Contact me here for custom designed, laser engraved items such as these.


  • Allwinner A13
  • Apple A11
  • AMD Am5x86-P75
  • AMD K6-2 500AFX
  • Atmel ATmega328P
  • Atmel ATmega32u4
  • Atmel ATmega8A
  • Atmel ATSAMD21
  • ATxmega32E5
  • Cyrix MII
  • Espressif ESP32-PICO-D4
  • Gowin GW1NR-LV9
  • IBM Gekko - Nintendo GameCube CPU
  • IBM PowerPC 604e
  • Intel i386 DX-16
  • Intel i486 DX-33
  • Intel i486 DX-50
  • Intel i486 DX2-50
  • Intel i486 DX2-66
  • Lattice Semiconductor ICE40UP5K
  • MediaTek MT7688AN
  • MOS Technology 6502AD
  • Motorola 68HC11
  • nRF52840
  • Parallax Propeller P8X32A-Q44
  • Raspberry Pi RP2040
  • RealTek RTL2832U
  • Silicon Labs EM2420
  • Sony PlayStation 2 GraphicsSynthesizer
  • ST10F168-Q6
  • STM32F07
  • STM32F767-IGT6
  • STM32F407-VGT6
  • Sun Ultra SPARC III
  • Taito Bubble Bobble Arcade ROM (A78-01)
  • Texas Instruments MSP430
  • Xilinx Artix-7
  • Zilog Z80
  • Zilog Z80A